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lisaHi I m Lisa, I’ll be your tour guide in Romagna, the land where I live and where I grow up.

Romagna is the South East of Emilia Romagna region which is famous for Parmigiano, Balsamic Vinagrette, Ferrari..well I would like to take you in Romagna, in this undiscovered land so close to Toscany. It’ is not well known..but I promise that has a lot to offer to you.

Few examples? The city of Ravenna, with outstanding mosaics perfectly preserved for more than 1500years which are part of UNESCO word Heritage, like the Malatestiana Library in Cesena, the oldest and best preserved library in Italy. All around you will find small medieval villages like Castrocaro, with a castle dating back more than 1000years and few relaxing spas all built around 1930.

One of the symbols of Romagna is the small hamlet of Bertinoro. A cute stone village on the to of a hill surrounded by vines and olive trees. It s called the balcony of Romagna, and is considered the birthplace of 2 of the best local wines: the white, mineral aromatic Albana and the deep red, intense, full body Sangiovese.

Do you know the film maker Fellini?Maybe you remember “La dolce vita”..he was born here, in the city of Rimini, where you can relax yourself enjoying the golden sandy beaches or visiting the historical centre with roman and renaissance monuments.

Are you a cyclist or a runner?Well..I love both!I can help you to rent a bike and I ll take you for a tour around the hills..this is the place were Pantani was born. And if you like motorbike..this is the land of the motors where Valentino Rossi was born!

Speaking about food..believe me here it is still genuine and authentic like the people living around here. You can try our fresh pasta, like tagliatelle with ragu, cappelletti filled with ricotta and Parmisan cheese, ravioli with squash and potatoes.

And the most important thing: do not leave without having tried our typical flat bread, the Piadina filled with fresh cheese and our local cured meat…always with a glass of Sangiovese wine.

How you know if you are in Emilia or in Romagna? My grandad used to tell me that you will notice that you are in Romagna and not in Emilia when you ask someone for drink you will receive a glass of wine instead water!

Salute e arrivederci a presto!

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